My Ecology of resources

This ecology of resources is for a level one foundation course for which the targeted learner is the one who has not been very successful in the formal secondary school setting. The aim is motivate them to learn by exploring other ways of learning and thinking and talking about their thinking and how they learn. We have therefore looked at the the tools that teenage learners use in their everyday lives which we could incorporate in their educational journey because these help to :
  • Engage them-the use of social media tools was agreed on because learners are familiar with them already and it helps them to communicate, interact and socialise within an educational environment. Most of them do not want to communicate because they have encountered failure before, so by letting them use social media in their learning journeys, they will initiate communication while experiencing emotional and social engagement without even thinking about it or worrying about failing.
  • The use of social media is under girded by the social learning theory (Bandura) and the social constructivist theory (Vygotsky) where these learners are learning from one another through observation, imitation and modelling and knowledge is co-created along the way.
  • Social media helps to flip the classroom such that these not so motivated students learn so much out of the classroom sometimes without even realising it and that learning can be followed up, refined and extended in the classroom.
  • Social media tools can also be used to improve their their reading and writing with support from their tutors and peers. they are also going to be used for assessment as they capture and reflect on their learning and and storing it in their online portfolios.
  • This way of learning has never been trialed with this cohort of students but i guess we will see the results next year when the programme runs and then evaluate.ecology of resources 2

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